VA Loan program was created under the GI Bill in 1944 as a way of rewarding the men and women of the Armed Forces for their service to their country. Veterans and their spouses, reservists, and un-remarried spouses of deceased veterans whose deaths are service-releated, can be assisted in purchasing owner-occupied residential property for up to four units. VA loans are desirable for the veteran because the veteran's closing costs are limited; there is no monthly mortgage insurance premium, and little or no down payment is required.


The VA does not make loans. Approved banks, saving and loans, or mortgage bankers make loans that are guaranteed against default by the Veteran's Administration. The veteran must have a Certificate of Elgibility issued by the Veteran's Administration.


For more information on VA loans or to apply for your certificate online, you can go to 


For quick access to the Certificate of Elgibility form, the following link can be used  


You can access this link for loan limits by county.  Please note that if the county isn't listed, then the limit is $417,000.